What We Do

We are your committed vendor partner

We provide our clients with detailed insights into the substance of newly originated and seasoned loans, and the soundness of counter party origination and servicing operations that created and serviced those loans.

Underwriting and operational guides are written and enforced across a spectrum of completeness and stringency. Human and software systems implementing those guides are not universally trained or programmed for consistency. We help you root out nuances and system failures that cost money from delinquencies, fraud, lawsuits, enforcement actions and loss of reputation.

Years of working with clients experiencing financial, legal, and reputation fall out from origination and servicing shortcomings has given us the insight and perspective needed to help protect your interests.

By leveraging our proprietary technology, our dedicated and fully staffed loan review center, and the depth of experience of our underwriting, compliance, analytics, and operational review staff, we implement customized diligence solutions for each one of our clients.

Mortgage finance leaders are faced with a new landscape. The success of a trade relies on prudent diligence and requires a trusted and committed vendor partner.