Due Diligence Review

Cognitive Options Group, LLC brings objective and transparent financial asset analysis to buyers and sellers. Due diligence is a critical part of the transaction process-and accurate and updated loan data is the basis for the best decisions. Combining our nationwide network of veteran loan underwriting professionals, innovative proprietary software, and our strategic alliance with a nationally recognized asset valuation-consulting firm, we provide clients with comprehensive and multi-dimensional reporting that clearly identifies problem areas, and can value your whole loan portfolio, mortgage servicing rights, and bonds.

We work with our client’s to design customized solutions for their specific needs.

We deliver solutions that include

  • Data Integrity checks with advanced filtering and stratification tools
  • Data verification against source documents
  • Customized credit review by re-underwriting each loan to any number of guidelines with re-calculation of income, asset, and debt ratios
  • Legal and credit document review and analysis
  • Forensic audit services
  • Property evaluation with BPOs and Home Price Index roll-forward analysis
  • Pre- and Post-Close Quality Control reviews

Cognitive Options Group, LLC professionals have been involved in all aspects of mortgage banking. Our Executives have held senior positions in some of the largest financial institutions and mortgage banking companies in the United States. Our goal is to help our clients succeed.

Our Innovative Software Technology boasts

The Cognitive Options Group utilizes the Residential Due Diligence System (RDDS), a data gathering program we developed with Quadravision Analytics, Inc to collect and organize loan information for analysis.  The system is user-friendly and provides a logical workflow sequence for the underwriters.  RDDS contains built-in interfaces with compliance engines as well as forensic data check sites.

Even perfect collection of data however is valuable only if the information can then be organized and presented in a clear and meaningful format.  RDDS can produce a full menu of industry-standard reports which can be exported into Excel for easy review and analysis of the data captured during the loan review.  RDDS also contains an ad-hoc report feature which provides on-the-fly report design capabilities to accommodate any client need for specialized reporting.  Information on individual loans is readily available on tabs within RDDS.

The Cognitive Options review team can use the RDDS onsite. Because the system is accessed via a secure, encrypted server the review can also take place remotely if files are available electronically, thus saving the client travel expenses. Either way, the Project Manager has real-time access to data and complete control over the review and quality control processes.

RDDS simplifies the review of a loan portfolio by:

  • Providing a data input format that follows the loan file, improving the reviewer’s efficiency and decreasing the time required for completion of the project;
  • Utilizing drop-downs and tables to expedite workflow, reduce input errors, and improve consistency in reporting;
  • Returning loan level results on TILA, RESPA, and other federal, state and local statutes to insure compliance;
  • Operating in a  completely secure environment;
  • Supporting real-time review of data and monitoring of project progress;
  • Providing menu-driven, industry-standard reporting;
  • Providing customized reports on the fly with the ad-hoc reporting module.
  • Integrated with legal compliance services to provide regulatory compliance verification
  • Capability to transfer loan data captured during due diligence to a proprietary loan pricing tool for an independent valuation of whole loans, MSRs, and mortgage-backed securities