Strategic Partners

Prymak logo - Prymak is a strategic partner of COGNOPSPrymak helps financial and lending institutions such as Regional Banks, Credit Unions, Community Banks and Mortgage Companies to determine technology solutions to reduce the risk of regulatory compliance, fraud prevention and data security, while adding value to their process chain.






Berkshire is an expert at loan-level modeling to project portfolio and related securities performance. Their granular methodology starts with a detailed, loan level, risk-adjusted valuation that incorporates borrower credit attributes, product characteristics, historic and forecast House Price Indices (HPIs), economic stress scenarios, interest rate assumptions, and funding vehicle assumptions. Using proprietary analytic software tools, they provide customized risk management solutions, superior analytics, accurate and robust reporting.




MLinc is a national provider of innovative solutions and consulting services to the mortgage industry. They have extensive experience in helping mortgage companies protect their referral sources by partnering with home builders, real estate brokers and others to form Affiliated Business Arrangements (“ABAs”) or set up services agreements. MLinc’s ComplyMSA Valuation Model helps clients set fees for Marketing Services Agreements (“MSAs”) with business partners, and collects data and support for service activities.