Loan File Review and Due Diligence

Cognitive Options is an S&P approved third party due diligence provider.

We have extensive loan file due diligence systems, vast and industry leading contractor network, and electronic document and bookmarking technology enable us to provide a wide range of services.

We perform due diligence on consumer, residential mortgage, and commercial loans, on both a new origination review and forensic basis:

  • Consumer loans: We review prime and subprime, automobile, marketplace lending (P2P), and unsecured consumer installment loans.
  • Residential mortgage:  We review prime, Alt-A, and subprime loans and HELOCs.  We also review non-performing loans (NPLs).
  • Commercial loans: We review all types of CRE, CI, and SBA loans.

Information is power. But not all information is created equally, and neither are all underwriters. Cognitive Options’ underwriters are rigorously vetted. We assess them with our own tests and have higher standards than anyone else. All this is so you get the absolute best team on your project.

Loan Re-Underwriting

  • Loan file re-underwriting of newly originated loans as well as seasoned loans
  • Consumer:
    • Credit,
    • Compliance, and
    • Valuation
  • Residential Mortgage:
    • Credit,
    • Compliance (TRID, RESPA 2010, Pre RESPA),
    • Property Valuation
  • Commercial:
    • CRE:
      • Policy compliance
      • Regulatory risk rating and review
      • Appraisal reviews for policy and risk compliance
    • CI:
      • Policy compliance
      • Regulatory risk rating and review
    • SBA:
      • Policy compliance
      • Regulatory risk rating and review
      • Appraisal reviews for policy and risk compliance
  • Loan file re-underwriting in support of whole loan, MSR and MBS/ABS purchases, and securitization transactions
  • Comprehensive data integrity review
  • Electronic document bookmarking


  • TRID Pre & Post Consummation Audits
  • RESPA 2010 Audits for seasoned loans

Fraud Audits

  • Mortgage Fraud Audit Services (Loan Origination Validation; Fraud Investigation; Repurchase and Warranties Audit)
  • Loan repurchase claim rebuttal reviews (forensic re-underwriting; Loan Put-Back Validity; Loan Put-Back Damage Claim Assessments)
  • Comprehensive reporting (pass / fail, exceptions, conditions, etc.)